Simple Hybrid Power
using Any-Fuel™

Gas turbine technologies for O&G

Modern Gas Turbine Technology for Oil and Gas

Dynamo provides enhancement technologies to improve the performance gas turbines to better serve the upstream oil and gas industry. These technologies are known as Any-Fuel™ Combustion Technology and Hybrid Any-Load™ power management technology. These cutting edge technologies enable the delivery of lower cost and more reliable power.

Dynamo provides these technologies as retrofit kits or as part of a fully packaged solution.

Flexibility and Simplicity with Flare Gas

Run on Any-Fuel™

Our gas turbine combustion system technology enables the use of Any-Fuel™, from flare gas through diesel, within a single unit.  Any-Fuel™ combustion means having the flexibility to use free flare gas when it is available, without compromising performance when using conventional fuels like propane or diesel. 

Our Any-Fuel™ systems include engine controls to facilitate changes in fuel and ensure reliable startup.  Once the turbine is enhanced with Any-Fuel combustion system, set up is simple, with a single set of hardware and no software or user intervention required. Controls are set to customer specifications and can be easily configured to select lower cost fuels with automatic change over if one source becomes unavailable.

We can work closely with OEMs to ensure performance is achieved without compromising performance, reliability, and warranty, and are able to enhance most existing small gas turbines.

Superior Performance 

Driven by Any-Load™ Hybrid Power

Dynamo provides a hybrid power unit which augments gas turbine power delivery to ensure superior power quality and reduce transient strain on the system.  Our hybrid power system draws on ultra-capacitor technology to deliver consistent performance, even at the edge of the operating envelope.  

By leveraging Any-Load™ technology, power equipment can be right sized, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 20%, and emissions.  This patented architecture works in concert with Any-Fuel™ combustion to keep equipment running smoothly even with changing fuel conditions.  Proprietary controls manage demand from the generator while ensuring power is delivered reliably to loads without compromising power quality.

Although the hybrid power is designed specifically for gas turbines, it also works well with any prime mover and can be configured to work with VFDs or power a microgrid.

Collaborating to succeed

OEM or Retrofit

Dynamo technology is provided as a retrofit or via direct integration with gas turbines and other power generating equipment.

Dynamo has successfully integrated its technologies on OEM turbo-machinery and continues to work with service partners and end users to ensure success in the field.

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