Simply Reliable Power,
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Modern Gas Turbine Power for the Oil and Gas Industry

Flexibility and Simplicity with Flare Gas

Run on Any-Fuel™

Dynamo gas turbine combustion technology enables the use of Any-Fuel™, from flare gas through diesel, within a single unit.  Any-Fuel™ combustion means having the flexibility to use free flare gas when it is available, without compromising performance when using conventional fuels like propane or diesel.  Set up is simple, with a single set of hardware and no software or user intervention required. Dynamo turbines are easily configured to select lower cost fuels with automatic change over if one source becomes unavailable.

Superior Performance 

Driven by Any-Load™ Hybrid Power

Dynamo turbines deliver superior performance, be it higher quality power or more heat.  This is because the Dynamo gas turbine is more than just turbo-machinery. Its a hybrid power system that draws on ultra-capacitor technology to deliver consistent performance, even at the edge of the operating envelope.  This patented architecture works in concert with Any-Fuel combustion to keep equipment running smoothly even with changing fuel conditions.  For products like the PowerCore, the Any-Load™ architecture enables power quality that is indistinguishable from the grid.

Unparalleled Uptime

Gas Turbine Reliability

Turbine technology found within Dynamo products were designed specifically for the O&G industry.  Gas turbines are far more reliable than legacy reciprocating engines having significantly higher MTBF and significantly less scheduled downtime–a typical turbine only needs maintenance annually.  Dynamo works with leading automotive OEMs to build a reliable, robust turbo-machine that is intrinsically reliable, safe, and backed by a mature supply chain.  Only Dynamo provides a 50-500 hp prime power gas turbine that is oil and gas tough.


Dynamo Products


Comprehensive power solution for upstream operations

The PowerCore™ is a prime power generation solution for upstream facilities.  Any-Fuel™ combustion enables the PowerCore™ operates on local leases gas with the option to use diesel as needed.  Hybrid Any-Load™ power enables grid quality power generation as well as the ability to support multiple rotational loads with optional on-board variable speed drives.  The result is a plug-and-play solution that delivers reliable power.

Key Features:

 Power Rating: 50-500hp (35-350kW)
480VAC 3φ standard, on-board VFDs available
Unparalleled fuel flexibility: diesel, gasoline & gasses 800-2400 BTU/scf
Fully automated controls and remote monitoring

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Artificial Lift, Gas Compression, Cathodic Protection


Flameless Heater for exploration and completions

The HeaterCore™ is a portable flameless heater solution for drilling and completions, and pound for pound,  delivers more heat, CFMs, and static pressure than similarly sized heaters.  The gas turbine at its heart provides 97% efficiency and performs consistently no matter how cold it gets.  Any-Fuel™ combustion enables the HeaterCore™ operates on diesel, but the unit can just as easily be fueled by a natural gas line to dramatically reduce heating costs.

Key Features:

Heat Rating: 750,000-2,500,000 BTUs
Small footprint, high CFM, high heat, High Static Pressure
Unparalleled fuel flexibility: diesel, gasoline & gasses 800-2400 BTU/scf,
Simple controls (low, medium, high) remote monitoring

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Equipment Heating, Space Heating, Construction


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Whether you are looking to power pumpjacks to transfer pumps or are seeking a robust portable power solution, our applications catalog shows how Dynamo can help you complete your operations with improved ROI.

TurboCore™ for OEM products

Dynamo Micropower is proud to partner with industry experts to imbue their solutions with Dynamo’s unique technology.  With the TurboCore™, partners can enable fuel flexibility, robust performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Parts & Service™

To obtain product summaries, specification sheets, parts catalog, servicing options, leasing, and warranty information, visit our technical service page.

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Additional Services

Field Service and Support

Local and reliable service partners

Thermal Intelligence

Products:  HeaterCore
Regional Focus:  Western Canada
Headquarters: Edmonton, CA

Synapse Power

Products:  PowerCore CPS
Regional Focus:  Lower 48
Headquarters: Houston, TX

Multitek North America, LLC

Products:  HeaterCore
Regional Focus:  Lower 48
Headquarters: Houston, TX
email: [email protected]

RTT Group

Products:  PowerCore
Regional Focus:  Australia
Headquarters: Queensland, Australia
email: [email protected]

Commercial Finance & Factory Protection Plans

Solutions for flexibility and reducing risk

  • Short term rental service
  • Power by the hour
  • Extended warranty and critical spare stocking
  • Preventive maintenance parts subscription program
  • Capital financing and service program

Dynamo Micropower is not a lender but has partnered with the leading finance companies in the marketplace to provide competitive rates across a large spectrum of financial needs. To get an instant equipment financing quote and get started today! We can also help you finance products purchased through our service partners.  There is no impact on your credit, and you’ll be able to choose the best payment plan, complete your application, and receive the financing you need in record time.