Dynamo was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2011 with a passion for developing high performance solutions and, of course, turbomachinery.  We wanted to tackle the big challenge of building a versatile turbine platform that leveraged the strengths of turbines: fuel flexibility, reliability, and power density.  We set up shop at Greentown Labs, where we still reside, and we built up a team of experienced turbine experts and accomplished oilmen to help us build world class solutions.  To fund our work, the NSF & DOE helped to kick off our development, and the rest is history. 

Jason Ethier


Jason is an entrepreneur to the core; before Dynamo; he is one of the original Board Members behind greentown labs. Prior to his professional career, he operated a formula motorsports team, started the program which eventually evolved into TJ3Sat, the first high school student built satellite (TJHSST) to be put into space.


Dr. Ivan Wang

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

As chief engineer at Dynamo, Ivan is interested in all things technical and manages the company’s overall engineering effort. He also participates directly in the design and testing of microturbine systems for Dynamo’s various products, and in the design and implementation of power electronics and control systems.


Sylvain Bedouet

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Advisor

With years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, commercializing new products and technologies, Sylvain’s core expertise lies in Product Life Cycle Management. He has successfully developed and brought to production several tools for Schlumberger and more recently in another innovative start-up.

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Peter Armitage

VP of Business Development

Peter is Dynamo’s VP of Business Development, a Petroleum Engineer with over fifty years in the upstream oil and gas industry. His international experience in land and offshore drilling, production and construction – both operations-, engineering and risk management, brings a deep understanding of our client’s needs to our organization.


German Lakov

VP of Product and Engineering

German’s background is in turbomachinery controls and electrical engineering for oil & gas and distributed generation industries. Over the course of his 25-year career he has worked in a variety of positions ranging from Systems Engineer, to Director of Engineering, to VP of Systems Integration. In this time German has designed and launched several new products, lead field implementations of prototypes and pilot systems, and developed 4 US patents relating to turbomachinery controls and microturbine systems.

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Brian Collins

Account Executive

Brian joined Dynamo to drive our sales initiative through market analytics, customer engagement and solution selling. Brian brings 14 years of domestic and international experience in operation and business development. During his career, Brian has been recognized for customer advocacy and forming strategic alliances to foster accelerated business development, drive profits, and increase organization productive. Natural talent in building & leading high performing global teams and instilling accountability for quality and results.