As oilfields become fully electrified and equipment modernized, access to grid quality power is essential.  Any-Load™ hybrid power is indistinguishable from the grid.   With access to high-quality power, equipment can is to the edge of the envelope without losing reliability.  Any-Load™ technology eliminates frustrating power outages that would otherwise be caused by power surges experiences as an as part of its normal operations.

The patent-pending Any-Load™ technology meets or exceeds UL1741 and IEEE 1547 standards, which exceeds what is found in traditional gensets.   Furthermore, Any-Load excels at supporting highly inductive loads, such as those caused by starting and stopping rotating equipment.

Dynamo turbines are unique in the industry in that we are the only solution in the market that utilize ultracapacitors as energy storage to provide fast load response.  As a result, Dynamo turbines are the only gas turbines that can provide robust prime power.

 Electrical Characteristics

Electrical Performance

  • <3% THD
  • <±4% Voltage shift  from nominal
  • <±.25Hz frequency shift from nominal
  • Instant load acceptance 0→150% power in <200 ms
  • Overload +50% for 1 minute every five minutes
  • Full turn-down to idle

Output Options:

  • 1⌀-240V
  • 3⌀-480V
  • 1⌀-120V Auxiliary loads
  • Low Harmonic VFD/VSD (Variable Frequency/Speed Drives)
    • 3⌀-230V
    • 3⌀-480V
    • 3⌀-575V
  • DC 500V
Unique Features:

  • Power Electronics
  • Ultracapacitors
  • Prime Power Turbine
  • UL 1741 & IEEE 1547 Interconnect safe
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Automated synchronization with other UL1741 equipment

Any-Load™, including all of its benefit,s, is always active on Dynamo turbines.  Once the start button is activated,a fully automated digital engine controller will start the turbine and bring itself up to idle.  Within two minutes it will be ready to accept the the full load.

Leads are connected to an isolated junction box.  Once the turbine is ready to accept the load, relays energize the circuits.  If the circuits are improperly installed, automatic ground fault detection will help prevent equipment damage and harm to personnel.

Equipment can be independently turned on and off while the Dynamo turbine is operating.  Any-Load™ technology enables instant power response, with power recovery within 200 ms.  Hybrid energy storage is used to ensure fast power dispatch, while the turbine is allowed to gradually spool up or down as needed.

Pressing the stop button will begin the fully automated shut down.  The power circuit will disconnect and become de-energized, and the turbine will enter a cooling cycle to prolong component life.  The turbine will typically cool for 5 minutes on internal power.

Power quality is important for reliable operations; one way to address power quality challenges with older generators is to simply install excess capacity, through redundancy or over-sizing.  Often this oversizing factor is an exercise in trial and error.

Any-Load™ technology promises both a superior power quality as well as a reduction in over-sizing.  This is because Any-Load technology is already sized to deal with intermittent power spikes, such as inrush current that occurs when starting a NEMA-D motor.  A customer with a 50 hp MENA-D motor can install a 50 hp Dynamo Any-Load turbine without needing to think about oversizing.

In many prime power applications, a Dynamo turbine with 30-50% less capacity than an equivalent diesel system can still provide sufficient and high-quality power in all conditions – both transient and steady state


One of a Kind Hybrid Power

Dynamo Any-Load™  turbines are the only hybrid power turbines on the market, and the only hybrid power solution to use ultra-capacitors.  The use of ultra-capacitors is a critical distinction driven by the unique needs of the O&G industry.


Ultra-capacitors are much better than batteries at repeatedly storing and dispatching a lot of power in a short time span over millions of times.  Consider that a pump-jack operating at a leisurely five strokes per minute will cycle 2.5M times a year.  By contrast, even the best batteries have cycle lives <5,000.  Similarly, rotating equipment such as ESPs have dynamic power needs as lifting conditions change; Ultra-capacitors allow Dynamo turbines to provide high power quality and unimpeded power reactivity.

A typical Any-Load™ energy storage package should operate for 15 million cycles.  Replacement is equivalent to changing a car battery but is only needed on average every seven years.

Novel Power Architecture

Any-Load™ is a novel patent-pending synthesis of technologies.  A critical piece of this is a new control method, and that provides reliable and robust control of power flow to end use applications.  This architecture effectively decouples the gas turbine from the load and ameliorates challenges with transient loads.

For example, when full power is required, this technology allows the turbine to shift into high RPMs without getting bogged down.  Specifically, while the turbine is still spooling up, the ultra-capacitors provides a short-term burst of power to maintain voltage, current, and frequency, thus maintaining power quality.  As the turbine comes to speed, the ultracapacitors back off and the turbine innately takes over to power the load.

The Any-Load™ architecture has been proven to provide higher quality power regulation, faster response time, and less mechanical wear on the engine than other solutions on the market.  Lastly, Any-Load™ works in concert with Any-Fuel™ technology to enable dynamic responses to changes in fuel conditions without compromising power quality.


Modern Power Electronics

As power quality requirements are driven by oilfield electrification, Any-Load™ technology makes use of modern power electronics to deliver grid quality power.  Any-Load architecture enables the interchangeable use of inverters and VFDs.  Dynamo turbines come pre-packaged with appropriately sized power electronics.

Power electronics provides superior power quality management over traditional asynchronous generators.  In the table below is a comparison of the two technologies during a block load test, where demand is increased from 0→80% rated load on a 480V 3-phase circuit.

Please note, Any-Load™ will maintain power quality even under 150% short duration block loads.