Gas turbine powered flameless heater



Dynamo’s HeaterCore family of products provides a flameless, portable industrial heat designed with a focus on fuel flexibility, low maintenance, high efficiency, and superior reliability.  Our 650, 000, 900,000 and 1.25 MM BTU units safely provide heat for any application.  Dynamo core technology stretches the envelope of fuel flexibility enabling the HeaterCore family to operate on a variety of fuels including Propane, CNG, APG, Bio Gas, Process Fuel Gas, Wet Gas (50% liquids by mass), Gasoline and Diesel.   Given the broad range of fuel capabilities, heating expense could be cut up to 80%.

Additional Features and Options:

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Remote Temperature Probe
  • External Communication
  • Battery Change w/Genius System
  • Independent Controls of Temperature and CFM
  • LED Lighting
  • Extra Storage
  • Air Recirculation Port