Gas turbine powered generator



Dynamo Turbine provides power equipment solutions to the Oil and Gas industry bringing remote power generation to the field at the cost and reliability of the grid.  The PowerCore equipment solution is driven by Any-Fuel™  Combustion which can operate on a range of fuels such as diesel to unrefined wellhead gas.  The fuel flexibility creates a layer of simplicity which results in fuel savings up to 80%.

Our Any-Load™  architecture combines Energy Storage, Power Electronics and Engine Management to produce power that is UL 1471 compliant and indistinguishable from the grid.  The unique use of control management provides quality power that has extended equipment life and increased performance up to 25%.  The proprietary engine and load management system account for environmental factors, engine performance, and energy storage to adjust for changes in fuel input and load demand instantaneously.  The solution delivers power to drive highly reactive loads with confidence.  This is possible due to the combination of ultracapacitors in modern power electronics.  The net technology benefits are:

  1.  5x power quality control which allows you to maximize the performance envelope of your equipment  without worrying about failures due to power quality
  2.  Eliminate the need to oversize your genset by 2-3x motor size
  3.  Tight control of voltage, frequency, and harmonics as Dynamo’s technology meets the UL1701 standard
  4.  Scalable architecture with capability to integrate onboard junction box, built-in soft start, or VFD